Thursday, January 30, 2014

Addiction Confession

I am going to start by saying I actually do worry that I really have a problem with this addiction. Like, I should probably talk to someone about it. Then I think, well this is a stupid problem to be talking about. And then I look at my bank account and the bills that are due that week. I have a true shopping addiction. For real. Its not that I like going to the mall or Target or anywhere else and love buying clothes or shoes or anything fun and girly like that. No I also love buying stupid little stuff, like chapstick or candles or even lighters. I really have a problem. Shopping gives me such a rush and I just can't help it! I went to the mall today with a friend, and I bought so much shit that I don't even need. However, I did get the cutest outfit! And I always try and find a way to spend money on something daily. Its really getting in the way of being an adult and all. Don't get me wrong, I still pay what I need to, but its a struggle for me. But, I am looking for ways to save the money and still appease my shopping needs, like saving up for a big shopping trip. Pay all my bills and food and gas, and put five or ten bucks in a jar for a really nice day to go out shopping and treat myself. So this one is to all you awesome shopaholics out there! SHOP ON!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Okay, so off topic. BUT I am catching up on some Pretty Little Liars because last week the new season episode. And they have two new episodes out now. And after the mid season finale I feel like my life in the Pretty Little Liars world SHATTERED because come on seriously EZRA! COME ON WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT to us???? They better have a DAMN good reason for this, and in the end make sure he's not actually evil! And what the hell the scene with Caleb and Hanna! I do not want to see my two favorite couples end. We aren't even sure of what is going to happen with Caleb and Hanna because Tyler (the actor that plays Caleb) is now starring in Ravenswood (the spin-off from PPL) I actually haven't seen any part of that show, not because I don't want to but because I am not sure I will like the drastic change from PPL to RW because let me tell you, when Caleb came back to say goodbye to Hanna, there was something massively different about him. And I am not liking the intertwining of a supernatural show with a show that has no supernatural background or tendencies. I really do not like the connotation. And I do not like how they took Caleb from the show, not to mention how they took him from Hanna. "I'm gonna forget anything" what the hell Caleb. And when he had to pullover after telling Hanna goodbye because he was literally breaking down, I could feel his little heart breaking :( dammit. I am not sure I am going to look foreword to this season if this is how its going. Sorry guys, I am just venting!