Thursday, January 30, 2014

Addiction Confession

I am going to start by saying I actually do worry that I really have a problem with this addiction. Like, I should probably talk to someone about it. Then I think, well this is a stupid problem to be talking about. And then I look at my bank account and the bills that are due that week. I have a true shopping addiction. For real. Its not that I like going to the mall or Target or anywhere else and love buying clothes or shoes or anything fun and girly like that. No I also love buying stupid little stuff, like chapstick or candles or even lighters. I really have a problem. Shopping gives me such a rush and I just can't help it! I went to the mall today with a friend, and I bought so much shit that I don't even need. However, I did get the cutest outfit! And I always try and find a way to spend money on something daily. Its really getting in the way of being an adult and all. Don't get me wrong, I still pay what I need to, but its a struggle for me. But, I am looking for ways to save the money and still appease my shopping needs, like saving up for a big shopping trip. Pay all my bills and food and gas, and put five or ten bucks in a jar for a really nice day to go out shopping and treat myself. So this one is to all you awesome shopaholics out there! SHOP ON!

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