Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rimmel London- ScandalEyes Eye Shadow Stick

I've been looking for an eye shadow stick that works, and lives up to its name. I recently found an e.l.f shadow stick and was extremely disappointed. It creased while I was applying it to my eyes- horrible. So I was in Target and found this- Rimmel eye shadow stick I purchased mine in 003 Bad Girl Bronze. Upon applying a small swatch to my hand, I was impressed already, the application was smooth and creamy. Easily to apply. While putting it on my eyes I was impressed the color was pigmented an easy to blend out. And I am happy with the outcome. Never creased and the color lasted all day. I used an e.l.f eye primer and it lasted through sweat and rain today, with no fading no smudging and no creasing. Overall I'm extremely impressed. Drawbacks- limited color selection and as far as I can tell not much product for the price you pay- $3.99. But this is great for my everyday use and a quick eye look 
Tomorrow on the block is Revlon Colorstay 24 hour foundation!  

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Thoughts turned into Random Typed Letters

Well, we all know that we ALL want a purpose in life. You know something to be remembered by, we all want that something that people know us for. None of us want to go through our lives without being noticed. I want to know what really fuels that drive- human instinct. Or merely that we don't want to be alone or minute in the life we are living. Let's face it, we look up to our famous icons because we are jealous of them, not in a bad way, just in the way of- they made it and we didn't. I have always been a firm believer of believing in yourself and following your own path, I mean I have three tattoos dedicated to just that. But at what point are we truly following are dreams and doing it for the simple fact that we feel our lives would be better from it. Or are we really following or dreams- shallow dreams- in order to feel like we have a place in this world. And how much of our dreams are actual goals we can achieve, or dreams that we set in order to force ourselves to see that this is as good as it gets?

I, for one, believe dreaming, and goals and wanting more in this life is a key to living this life. Come on, we have people for everything, so many believe that no one can truly be unique or special because there was someone there before you, or there will be someone there after you. But you have to see is, there is no other you, your contribution is the uniqueness of you. Sure there might be others before and after you- there always is and there always will be. But your stamp- your mark is what will put you out from others. Losing your way, losing yourself isn't worth a shallow 15 mins of fame. I'd rather be known for nothing than be known for a shell of a person I never was and never want to be.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Let's Begin!

Okay. Well I found my way back to the blogger world. I am trying to get this thing back on its feet, and gain an actual follower base. So anything would help!

I am sure the first posts will be a bit boring and kinda lame. But like I said I am trying to get this blog on its feet. I am going to be writing about anything and everything pretty much. That includes issued and concerns going on in our world today- to simple things like fashion, tattoos, piercing and such. This blog will be with me on my journey to come into myself, and figure out what I am supposed to do in this world. I hope I can write and inspire others to do something. Let's see what happens!