Sunday, August 4, 2013

Can't We All Just Get Along?!

So my issue today is, why are people so two-faced? Why do we ALL say one thing and then do something completely different? For example, if you are letting someone outside of your normal "click" hang out with you, a lot; then why do you feel the need to trash talk them every chance you get? You're the one asking them to come over and hang out. If there is really something that bothers you about that person then why are you talking to them, much less asking them to hang out? I just don't understand it. If you feel there is a problem, or something needs to be cleared up, WHY CAN'T you just ask them and talk to them about it. Fine, if you don't want to hang out with that person- THEN DON'T. Yes, that means not asking them to hang out anymore. It's really not that hard. And if you're the only want that wants to hang out with them, and are just trash talking because all of your other friends are doing, then you're even lower.

We all have our flaws a differences, and for someone to call them out and point them out every time that person is around is just plain wrong. There is no reason for you to say anything negative. If you don't have anything nice to say then do not say it at all. The fact that people do this on a daily basis is pathetic. You're not impressing anyone, or making yourself look good. All you're doing is showing how low of a person you can truly be. And then you are wondering why this person never wants to hang out or talk to you anymore. Gee- beats me. I understand that there are just some people you will not be able to get along with, however that does not give you the right to belittle them and tear them down. They are still struggling to find their place in the world- just like you are. It just irritates me how little people show compassion to one another. Not any one of us has the right to judge another person based on his or her appearance or how he or she acts, we are we are.

We are different for a reason, and to take that away from someone is wrong, and stupid. I can never forgive anyone that is as two-faced as that. Ever. Before you open your mouth to bad mouth someone else- take a minute and think about if the role was reversed. How would you feel? The saying "Treat others how you want to be treated" is TRUE! It's really not that hard. You're gonna find your friend base dwindling because your friends are not going to be able to trust that you're not saying anything about them behind their back. So why can't you just be NICE! Once of life's unanswered questions.

So, the point of today's blog is to be happy and be nice to those around you, because trust me, you never know what they are dealing with and what they are going through at any given point in time. So everyone just love everybody and get over yourselves :D And remember, you are not an expert one anyone's life but your own, so do not say anything you might regret later.  

"Good Friends are like snowflakes, all different and all beautiful."


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