Thursday, August 1, 2013

Revlon 24 Hours ColorStay Foundation

Just like anyone else, I've been trying to find a foundation that I could fall in love with- texture, coverage and price. I think I found just that!! I recently went into Target, and was on a mission for some good foundation. I have heard ALL over the make up world about the Colorstay line from Revlon. I had purchased the foundation around x-mas time. However I got the wrong shade and had a poor brush with which to apply it. So I wrote it off. But I felt compelled to re-purchase. So I did, finally finding my perfect shade. I am in 200 Nude (for combination/oily skin)
This time I was going to give the product a shot! I applied it with a beauty blender. And I was amazed! It's perfect. It went on smooth and creamy and the coverage is perfect for me. I was able to blend it into a full coverage foundation. I will say, a little goes a long way, and if you don't blend it completely- you do create the "cake face" affect. So blend! But I was amazed. I still used my concealer on little spots here and there, but I used less than half of what I was using.
And I could have actually skipped the concealer ( save for my under eyes) and to set the foundation, I just applied Revlon's Nearly Naked powder (which is my ultimate favorite powder, ever)  
I was truly impressed with this foundation. And I am glad I gave it another go. So worth it! If you haven't already give this foundation a chance, $9.99 the concealer is a little pricey- $15.99 however I swear by this stuff! And the powder (I haven't come across it in awhile) runs just $5.99 

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